Self awareness and self acceptance are the keys to a happier life.

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2 min readOct 31, 2019


Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection, the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from others while knowing all your flaws and strengths. It helps you become your our own critic, your own decision maker. Being self aware is the primary step while self-acceptance iswhat follows on the journey of self-improvement. Self acceptance defines awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses and allows one to accept their capabilities and feeling of satisfaction with own self despite of being aware of disabilities, deficiencies.

A person who has accepted him or herself:

  1. Has a positive attitude.
  2. Has no confusion going on in the mind
  3. Is aware of his actions.

Self awareness plays a big role in self acceptance. We have a lot of pressure to be PERFECT which in reality doesn’t exist because perfection is a unachievable goal as nobody is perfect. Everyone has his or her own set of flaws or shortcomings and insecurities. It depends on how we deal with our insecurities without letting it affect our mental health.

Here are some few ways to deal with it :

➢ Stop comparing yourself with others.

➢Accept the fact that everyone is flawed and perfection is a myth.

➢ Know your strengths. Acknowledge them and work according to those.

➢ Accept your failures but do not grill yourself about the same.

Experience and embrace whatever you think, feel or do, even if you don’t always like it, you will begin to accept yourself and grow just the way you wanted.


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Prranav : The Gut Feel Show

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