Relationship Between Gender and Mental Health

It is in the 21st Century that we see, how the terms ‘Mental Health’ and the socially constructed ‘Gender’ are no more a secret to us. They are openly discussed and so is the relationship between them. Let’s try to analyze the relationship between the two. Research shows that the nature of mental health problems is impacted by the interaction of socially constructed differences between men and women in roles and responsibilities, status and power, and biological differences between the sexes.

Let’s also tries to understand the differences using different disorders like depression which is present in women more than men, the prevalence of different disorders in different genders like PTSD, and the similarity of symptom of disorders like the symptoms of eating disorders are similar in men and women.

What we do need to take into account is that these differences should not be used as a reason for discrimination. A stable mental health is very important for every person regardless of their social background. We should work towards establishing a proper institution which can understand how biological factors impact mental health and create more empathy between people.


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