Recovery is a Process

2 min readDec 7, 2020

Recovery is a return to normal state. When the healing process starts, recovery finds its way. Recovery is a slow process and it requires a lot of patience and hard-work to be fully recovered. In the path there are temptations that can indulge in a relapse and that is the very reason recovery cannot be a fast track process. In the hustle bustle of our daily lives we often forget to take good care of our mental health and therefore with the increasing chaos in the world mental health problems too are rising.

Basically, there are two types of recovery; one, clinical recovery, where a professional helps us in the process of recovery and two, personal recovery, where by our own experiences we heal.

Recovery, be it in any way will only affect us if we will allow ourselves to heal. A beneficial process of recovery includes therapeutic sessions, medication, constant support and peripheral factors like balanced diet, exercises, proper sleep etc. There are myths surrounding the mental health spectrum which are essential to bust before indulging in the process of healing. One being that mental health problems are not treatable, it is a myth, with proper care and guidance mental health problems are curable. Also, treatment of mental health issues does not come in between our work lives.

Mental health is part of our overall health and that is why it will affect our physical health too, with proper therapy and medications healing can be high and seen to be rising. There are factors which increase the speed of recovery and those are hope, an individual should not lose hope and positive thoughts, acceptance of the problem also gives the zeal to fight with it, the people in our life who love and support us to play a part, the stability of our emotions and control on our thoughts help a great deal too.

Also maintaining a journal, writing your thoughts and feelings help us to prioritize our emotions. Joining support groups, hearing stories of others can too give us reassurance that whatever is happening is normal and that shall pass too. In a nutshell, recovery is a battle which is to be fought regularly, slowly and patiently and one sunny day triumph will surely find our way.


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