Mentally Coping With COVID-19

Covid-19 era has transformed the way we used to live. To cope with it isn’t an easy task, but it is important to take care of yourself and your loved ones. World around us started to crumble and change itself, call it nature healing itself or a little slowdown in our lives but this era has shown us days which we never expected. It was hard for the people who were away from their home and their families. Consumption of substances like alcohol, tobacco has also increased which has further increased the stress levels. Apart from physical health, mental health of people also has suffered.

In these unusual times acceptance of the situation is the only key, we should accept what is actually happening in the world and should take care of ourselves. One can distract oneself from the happenings by following a hobby and taking a break from the mundane sphere of life. One can also learn a new skill and start investing time and effort in oneself.

Also, social media is a great distraction but it is to be kept in mind that, if it is in any way giving us a constant reminder of the situation or is giving negative vibes we should take a break from it. Lastly, telling your mind that it is not that you are stuck at home but it is a great opportunity to invest time in yourself and grow.


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