Let’s Talk About Therapy, Shall We?

Prranav : The Gut Feel Show
2 min readNov 18, 2020

We live in a society where Mental Health is not valued as much as physical health. People were afraid to mention it, let alone, talk openly about it. The concept of therapy is so stigmatized that people do not even consider it’s benefits. This stigma causes discrimination to those who suffer from mental illnesses. Making your mental health a priority is something that goes without saying. But, to this day, people are constantly under stress and are suffering from different mental illnesses. Even then, do they ask for help? Do they talk about it? NO.

Why do you think they do not reach out for help? It is mainly because of the taboos around therapy .

Opening up about our mental illness will allow us to express how we truly feel and it gives others a chance to help us by guiding us through the difficult times. People assume that therapy is a matter of shame and that s person going for therapy is weak. This cannot get more wrong. It shows how courageous you are to face your own problems .Going for therapy does not break you but it strengthens you.

It develops you and moulds you to face the challenges the world has to offer to you. Remember when you start talking about therapy openly, many people will get inspired and are assured that they are not alone. The chain would continue and that way, Mental Health would finally be looked up at .

Let us all take a step forward to write about it, create a blog, sing a song about it, develop movies or speak about. Let us make a change. We cannot let people go on neglecting mental health and its importance. We may not be able to bring a change immediately but step by step, little by little ,let us all give therapy and mental health the importance it deserves.


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Prranav : The Gut Feel Show

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