Is Healing Real or A Reel?

2 min readNov 28, 2020

What exactly is reel and real life ? We all know what real life is, it is what happens in reality and reel is the deception of a perfect life online. Earlier movies and series never paid much importance to mental health and mental illnesses. Times have changed. Even though they are portrayed in movies or other social media platforms, this is not always portrayed in the right way.

Many at times we see depression and anxiety being shown in the wrong way in the reel life. They are portrayed with lesser impact than it actually can originally have on our overall well being. Watching all of these, we tend to compare our lives and our mental illnesses to that of what is being portrayed and that causes chaos within ourselves. We fail to realize and draw the line between real and reel life.

Healing is not linear. It is not that simple as it is portrayed in reel life. It requires support, commitment, courage, hope, love and a lot of patience in real life. It involves self-work, breakdowns, feeling stuck, and handling the parts of yourself which you never wanted to deal with. It isn’t easy nor can it be achieved in a few days. The time it takes differs from person to person. This is what healing looks like in real life. It is important to know the difference between reel and real-life depiction of healing so that we don’t have misconceptions about the journey of healing.

Each of us our different, each of our journeys would be different so obsessing over reel life depictions would do us no good . Let us go at our own pace and follow our own paths.


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