How To Look After Your Mental Health When Moving To A New City?

2 min readNov 18, 2020

Moving from one place, leaving a place which is filled with numerous memories can be overwhelming and thoughts of challenges and difficulty of shifting and adjusting to the new place can take up space in our minds. The process of shifting can be physically tiring, mentally exhausting and if too attached to the old place it can even be emotionally draining.

The impact of shifting on a person’s well being can depend upon factors such as willingness to move, level of preparations, emotional attachment to the old place and more. Even though a person may shift to a more developed surrounding say, a more developed city, but then too if the sentiments are attached to the old place it may impact the overall wellbeing of the person.

Some techniques which can be adopted in the path of moving on include having a final closure with the place of dwelling, making proper arrangements for the new place beforehand, if things are becoming too overwhelming giving yourself a short break and maybe strolling around. Sometimes having a proper reminiscing session of the old place, maybe shedding a tear or two, can give us all the strength we can ask for.

We should keep in mind that us moving isn’t going to change our bond with the people and that’s where technology comes to our rescue. In the end we must remember, no matter what we deal with we should take care of our mental wellbeing, we should give ourselves some time to adapt and adjust in our new sphere of life and should take care of ourselves during that process.


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