How To Increase Optimism In Yourself And Others

The basic difference between a person who is optimistic and who is pessimistic is that of their mindset. An optimistic person is the one who has a mind filled with positive thoughts and even in the negative situation will have a positive thing to hold on, while on the flip side a pessimistic person is the one who has a negative approach towards almost everything and just can’t see the silver lining in anything.

Also, the current situation is pushing people to have a pessimistic approach because people may worry for the health of themselves and their loved ones, the current situation, some financial issues, the restriction to stay at home and how there is a loss of productivity. The current situation is hard and can trigger mental health problems so a little adjustments in our lifestyle can make us feel positive in hard situations like these.

There are a number of things which can be followed including -

  • Limiting social media and the endless cycle of scrolling for content
  • Doing some yoga or any physical exercise
  • Meditation is also a great remedy
  • Developing hobbies can too keep us busy.

The times are dreadful and strange but they have brought themselves a whole lot of time so we should cut ourselves some slack and give our body and mind the relaxation it deserves, so being a couch potato and not following a routine once in a week is totally fine. Also we should try to be around optimistic people and if people around us are not positive we should try and help them as the time requires humans to help humans. So in a nutshell, being optimistic is better said than done especially in situations like these but it is important to practice the habit, because positivity can make the awfulness go away. So be positive!


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We are Designing for well-being by building products to Support the 'Limbic Brain'

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We are Designing for well-being by building products to Support the 'Limbic Brain'