Feel like moving away from toxic people? Now it is the right time!

3 min readJul 20, 2018


We often hear that we should surround ourselves with positive people in order to live a healthy life. But there are times when unknowingly, we get attached to someone and later realize that we are in a toxic relationship. It leads to mental trauma (in extreme cases), self-doubt, unnecessary guilt, negative thoughts, dependency, depressions and an unhealthy relationship and lifestyle.

Sounds scary, right? No need to worry, because we have some tips for you which might help you get away from such people. Before proceeding ahead, we would first like to highlight few characteristics which will help you figure out if you are actually in a toxic relationship or not.

- Self-controlling and dominant: These people try to be in charge and even manipulate things in their favor

- Blame thrower: They always have one or the other excuse for everything they haven’t been able to achieve

- Act like a victim: They often find themselves the center of the Earth and crib about everything not happening their way

- Do not respect you: These people often take you for granted and might blame you for their actions

- Do not listen: They always want you to listen and place their problems above yours, every time!

If you think that your relationship has any of these signs, then believe us, it might be the time you consider sorting out things. Here are few of our tips:

- Be patient: Consider for once yourself in their shoes and think if what they are feeling is genuine. Do help them if they actually need you

- Accept the reality: It’s important for you to accept the reality if you really want to move on. Trust yourself, analyze the situation and check if they are being over dramatic about everything

- Be strong: This is the most important and difficult part. We understand that you might have feelings and memories attached to that person, but you have to be strong enough to let them go. This would be beneficial for you (no more toxicity) and the other person as well (eventually they will understand and become independent)

- Talk to your loved ones: Loneliness is worse than being in such a relationship. Therefore, make sure that either you are strong enough to get over the person or you have other loved ones, with whom you can share your thoughts (if in pain)

- Don’t blame yourself for their condition: This happens with most of the people. They think that they are the reason for the toxicity of the other person. You should believe in yourself and not feel guilty about anything. This will even give you more credibility and confidence while facing that person

- Expect less: Sometimes, we tend to expect the same support which we provide such people. This may lead us to follow their path and start complaining about everything. You should be as positive and self-dependent as possible in such situations

- Respect your decisions: Once decided to maintain some distance, respect your decision

- It might be tougher than you thought: We understand that things like these seem easier on papers so prepare yourself in such a way that you may remain adamant about your decision. They might resist and manipulate the situation in their benefits

We hope that you have got fairly an idea how to go about the toxic relationships in life. Whenever in doubt, just think about these things — Are these people (toxic) and their tantrums coming between you and your dreams? Are they probably the reason, you are not able to sleep, eat, talk properly? Do you feel inferior and guilty every time, even when you know it isn’t your fault?

If yes, then go ahead and move on! Better later than never.

One has always the right to live a happy life and if the path to this is removing toxic people, then you should never hesitate in doing so.

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