Changing Our Perception Towards Uncertainties

2 min readSep 22, 2020

We all face uncertainties in different spheres of our lives. Whether it is in our relationships or our professional life or even losing a loved one. It is the way we choose to respond to these uncertain situations which reflects the kind of person we are and the types of insecurities we have. We can switch to a task oriented strategy and focus working on things which are in our control or we can also feel guilty for not being able to control things and situations.

The harsh truth is that uncertainties will always stay in our life and things won’t always go as planned. However, we can change our outlook towards life and help ourselves in decreasing our anxiety about uncontrollable situations by practicing the following things :-

  1. We should try to understand our emotions by putting them into words and treating both good and bad emotions with compassion. This can be done in various ways of which one can be journaling. It helps us clarify that our emotions and circumstances don’t define us.
  2. Another thing that can be done is practicing mindfulness; that is not passing judgments over situations and enjoying the present to the fullest without being too attached to it.

The most important thing that one can and should do is not blame other people for their own circumstances and accept the reality and different situations as and when they come.


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